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05.07.17 – Race Day 3 – Principina Terra to Fiuggi ~ 340km/210miles.

This stretch turned out to be one of the hardest ones.
We set out from the beautiful Fattoria La Principina hotel in Principina Terra towards Canino.
At Canino, the first stop, John needed to get some work done to the bike and only just made his allocated start time.
The roasted bread with olive oil they made here was simply and drippingly amazing.
On through various villages before stopping at a petrol station and waiting for John, who needed some more work done to his bike. With various initial hurdles to be overcome (a key broken off in the tool chest to name one), all was ok and we decided to have a cool drink, an ice cream, ice-coffee and cigar for Clive at the petrol station.
On via the next stops: Gallese, Castle di Tora and Subiaco before the end stop in Fiuggi.
The route was amazing once again, sending us along wriggly roads with one view after the other as well as some ‘highly entertaining’ road surfaces… The first view of the blue Lago del Turano was however breathtaking.
Having to drive on all day after repairs to play catch-up meant we did not really have a pause anywhere nor the much needed water, arriving as one of the last ones at every stop. We were absolutely shattered that evening.
The evening meal in the hotel was, I’m afraid to say once again, stunning and we sat outside on the terrace for a while afterwards, as none of us was able to go to sleep straight away.
Cyrille Labeij.